What we do


We come to you!
*Our 1 hour workshops are totally interactive, educational and musical……..its not a performance by us.
*We bring congas, djembes, a cajon, a Cook Island drum and a variety of interesting percussion instruments.
*We talk about the countries/origins of our drums.  We study how they are made, and the different sounds they make.
*We use djembe drums in the drum circle and begin by showing how to use left/right hand movements.
*We introduce the bass and tone sounds of the drum.
*We explore different ways of encouraging rhythms.
*We encourage people to offer their own beat, for the circle to follow.  This is great for self-confidence.

Brain Gym:

Anita was a “brain gym child” of the 1980’s, so we know, from first-hand experience that these exercises do benefit people.   We feel confident that they will assist with learning the technique of hand drumming. 

*Brain Gym is a series of simple movements that enhance ‘Whole Brain learning’ through movement re-patterning.  This helps co-ordination, balance, focus, self-confidence and, in general, how to enjoy life and learning.

*We begin every session with  a cross-march, which prepares everyone for some brain gym exercises.  The exercises are simple and easy to perform.

*We believe Brain Gym reinforces the right/left hand movements required for hand drumming.

Professional Development Workshops:


*2 hours - accommodating 12-15 people in a drum circle, using our djembe drums.
*A hands-on, interactive workshop where we strive to ensure people are well within their comfort zone, and not overwhelmed by numbers.


*To have fun……..our goal isn’t rhythmic perfection!
*People to re-visit the value of making music. Everyone can drum, irrespective of musical background.
*To inspire people and give them the confidence to know they can introduce and sustain a rhythm.
*To demonstrate how “Brain Gym” and hand drumming complement each other.


*Introduction to Majuba Beats
*Types of drums/cultures
*Percussion instruments and their sounds
*Brain Gym exercises
*How to play the bass/tone sounds of a drum
*Technique:   “Warm-up” rhythms from visual sheets
*How to enhance, alternate and overlap drums and percussion
*Free expression and opportunity to lead a rhythm for the circle.

Drumming For The Elderly:

We come to you!
Our drum circles are relaxed, interactive and exciting, particularly for 1st-time drummers.
As physical and mental abilities decline, elderly folk often feel isolated and unable to participate socially, as they used to.  Drumming and Brain Gym provide a number of therapeutic benefits.

*Social Interaction
*Non-verbal Communication
*Being part of a "team"
*Physical exercise
*Brain stimulation
*Creative thinking
*Emotional expression

Birthday Beats: 
A unique idea for a birthday party!

We come to your party venue!  
*We provide the drums and percussion instruments.
*Our drum circle is totally interactive.  
*We teach the tones of the drum and the hand-movements required.
*We show how to overlap percussion instruments.
*The highlight is "free expression".   Hidden talent emerges! 
*Parents/adults are welcome to join in.

Where We Go

We Encourage

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Loud Noise
  • Creating Rhythms
  • Building Self-confidence
  • Developing Skills
  • Physical & Emotional Expression